Welcome to the

    Sm@rtr® JV Partner Network


    An exceptional opportunity for multiple stakeholder groups to participate

    in building a new AI/Blockchain Smart City development company, focused sharply

    on exponentially accelerating global sustainability transformation.


  • JV Partner Network Membership

    Membership in the Sm@rtr® JV Partner Network, is a prerequisite for all stakeholder groups who wish to participate in (and/or profit from) any aspect of the Sm@rtr® Joint Venture Capital Corporation's special business operations units. We are building this company COLLABORATIVELY as a "multi-partner" joint venture with partners spanning the globe. Unlike traditional joint venture companies, not all Sm@rtr® JV Partners are equity participants.


    JV Partner Network Membership is open to eleven categories of partner stakeholder groups, as listed below:






    We understand that what matters most in the effort to accelerate the level of sustainability transformation adoption globally, is ACCELERATED/SUSTAINABLE FUNDING ACCESS on one hand and ACCELERATED/SUSTAINABLE SALES GROWTH (Traction) on the other, for the Companies building the innovative sustainability solutions the world needs, as well as for the Cities, Municipalities and National Governments, who need to finance major infrastructure projects for the adoption of bleeding edge sustainability solutions and to drive significant and sustained GDP growth.


    Every aspect of this joint venture company undertaking is designed to allow each individual partner entity, whether it's an individual or a company, to contribute meaningful "developmental value" to the venture and benefit from the venture via financial or experiential value extraction that is unparalleled. Due to the scope of the venture, network membership may only be obtain in 1-year subscription increments, ensuring that members are serious, long term, committed partners. All fees are quoted in USD.


    For more details on any aspect of the JV Partner Network,

    please email us at: admin@smart-dac.com

    Key Membership Benefits

    Businesses, Consultants, Investors, Organizations, Consumers, Governments

    Safety | ADA Lawsuit Risk Mitigation

    Website Legal Compliance Optimization Service

    Most likely, your management is completely unaware that it is currently exposed to a high litigation risk, due to non-compliance with ADA legislation that can cost from $50K-$1M+ to resolve. When you join our JV Network, we eliminate this risk immediately.

    Access | B2B Sales Accelerator Program

    AI/XVP/EI Advanced Sales Acceleration System

    We've created the most powerful accelerator program for global B2B startups that need to quickly scale sales, whether to live up to the level of sales performance projections that investors bought into, or to strongly impress future potential investors.

    Access | Collaboration/Community Portal

    Private Online B2B2C Social Network

    Here you can create a personal profile, create or join business-branded groups, access embedded services, view curated content re sustainability, smart cities etc and exchange private messages. Build synergistic collaborations with businesses and specialists.

    Access | High Performance Loyalty Program

    Vastly Superior Loyalty Program Solution

    Sm@rtr® has created a superior alternative to "points". It is a new Blockchain cryptocurrency with a perpetually rising redeem value. Much more valuable than airline miles, consumers can redeem them for hotel stays, private jet flights, celebrity tours and more.

    Access | Reality Web/TV Show Exposure

    Portfolio of Business Development Projects

    Sm@rtr® is producing two reality shows over the next five years, focused on smart city technology and premium sustainable real estate development. There will be many opportunities for product placement and shoot participation, for network members.

    Access | Micro Hotel/Smart City Opportunities

    Portfolio of Business Development Projects

    Sm@rtr® is creating a decentralized micro hotel operation as well as building smart cities, at both micro and macro scale. Inherent in these initiatives, are opportunities for consulting services and embedding of product/service solutions under supply contracts.


    Monthly Membership Fee : $50/Mth or $500/Yr

    This does not include participation in the Smart City Hyper Accelerator Program

    or any guaranteed placement/use of your startup's tech solution/s.


    This is a STARTUP CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.


    Accredited INVESTORS

    Membership Fee : $125/Mth or $1,250/Yr (Individual)

    $1,250/Mth or $12,500/Yr (Fund/Family Office, Etc.)


    This is an INVESTOR CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.



    Specialist CONSULTANTS

    Membership Fee : $125/Mth or $1,250/Yr (Individual)

    $1,250/Mth or $12,500/Yr (Firm*)


    This is a CONSULTANT CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.


    * 10 or more employees

    Service PROVIDERS

    Membership Fee : $125/Mth or $1,250/Yr (SME)

    $1,250/Mth or $12,500/Yr (Corporate*)


    This is a PROVIDER CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.


    *100 or more employees

    Corporate SPONSORS

    Membership Fee : $1,250/Mth or $12,500/Yr (SME)

    $12,500/Mth or $125,000/Yr (Corporate)


    This is a SPONSOR CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.


    *100 or more employees

    International CONSUMERS

    Membership Fee : $12.50/Mth or $125/Yr (🥉Bronze)

    Membership Fee : $25.00/Mth or $250/Yr (🥈Silver)

    Membership Fee : $50.00/Mth or $500/Yr (🥇Gold)


    This is a CONSUMER CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.

    Global NON-PROFITS

    Membership Fee : $12.50/Mth or $125/Yr


    This is a NON-PROFIT CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.



    Regulatory AGENCIES

    Membership Fee : N/a


    This is a REGULATORY CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.



    International CITIES

    Membership Fee : $1,250/Mth or $12,500/Yr


    This is a CITY CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.




    Membership Fee : $12,500/Mth or $125,000/Yr


    This is a GOVERNMENT CLASS JV Partner Network membership option.



  • Member Entities

    Some of the early members of the Sm@rtr® JV Partner Network

  • SM@RT

    Sustainability Transformation Consulting and Project Development for the UN SDGs.


    Membership Class:

    Corporate SPONSOR | 🏅

    Internat'l Freight Drone

    Autonomous Freight Drones for standard and custom shipping containers.


    Membership Class:

    Tech STARTUP |💡

    Aer Wireless

    2GB/s Next generation Wireless Broadband Network (scalable)


    Membership Class:  

    Service PROVIDER | 💼

    Ocean Foresters

    Low Impact, High Yield Aquaculture Reef Systems for Coastal Zones.


    Membership Class:  

    Service PROVIDER | 💼


    Software platform for Data Driven Agriculture Operations Management.


    Membership Class:

    Tech STARTUP |💡


    Software platform for Business and Project Management to ISO standards.


    Membership Class:

    Service PROVIDER | 💼

    Prudent Capital Partners

    Global Reach Private Equity Firm



    Membership Class:

    Accredited INVESTOR | 💵

    TLC Media

    A progressive, tech-centric Film and Video Production company.


    Membership Class:

    Tech STARTUP |💡

    Marques Aviation

    A global Aerospace company providing UAV systems to Governments & Corporates.


    Membership Class:

    Tech STARTUP |💡

  • Join the Sm@rtr® JV Partner Network

    How to Join the Partner Network

    Every legally compliant individual, company and organization is eligible to join the Sm@rtr® Joint Venture Partner Network and thereby, to participate in the various social and economic opportunities present within the network. You therefore do not need to "apply" for partner network membership.


    Simply go to the Partner Network site and purchase the network membership subscription that is relevant to you or your organization. Upon registration and payment, your membership will be preliminarily approved, pending our bad actor checks. Sm@rtr® reserves the right to reject any membership purchased at its sole discretion, after conducting its bad actor checks, without any formal explanation provided. If a membership is rejected, the full payment made will be refunded to the purchasing entity within fourteen days.



    (LAUNCHING JUNE 20, 2020)